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Hi everyone. If you listed a horse to sell or purchased a horse through my site in the last 16 years, I really appreciate it and have met and worked with many many wonderful horse-loving people throughout the USA. I love my little website business and have been on my site for many hours each day since its inception to do what I LOVE to do; use my knowledge of horses and skills on the computer (and my time to answer emails and/or phone calls every day) to  help a horse find a good new home. I also REALLY want to thank everyone who, over the years, referred many hundreds of friends to my little business so I could help them sell their horses. My website is dying slowly from the progression of technology. People now would rather not list with me and prefer to list their horses free on Craigslist or Facebook. In the last few years dozens have come to me after they had tired of dealing with children and beginners asking dumb questions about their horse; OR people coming out to meet and ride their horse, only to offer half of the firm price for the horse. I often put several hundred dollars MORE in the seller's hands after deducting my 8.5% commission from the selling price, but I am now considered 'old school'. From helping sell hundreds of horses and working with various breeds, disciplines of riding and prices from $250 up to $55,000, I can no longer afford to keep my current website online. I am going to try to create a very simple, clean and inexpensive little site under the same NAME (Central Oregon Horse) soon and will provide the same honest, knowledgeable and efficient service I have offered since I started my business in 1999. To everyone who still enjoys visiting my site to see what new horses I have listed or browsing through the many dozens of links to other great horse-oriented sites and have helped me receive more than 770,000 hits, thanks again - it has been my joy to help you.

Welcome to CENTRAL OREGON HORSE, where photo advertising of horses for sale in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and occasionally California, is available to all breeds of horses, mules or donkeys in all disciplines of riding. Horses for sale herein will vary from foals, ponies, draft or dressage horses, to cutting, reining, roping, barrel, trail, hunters, jumpers, 4-H and gaited horses. THERE ARE SEVERAL PICTURES OF EVERY HORSE LISTED, so I hope you will continue on and view some of the very nice horses whose owners have asked me to assist them in finding their horses a GOOD and appropriate new home - it is definitely worthwhile. Just so you know; the horses in the photos have not been retouched nor modified with computer technology. Many pictures are not very good of the horses and better lighting, backgrounds or angles could give you a better representation of that particular horse, but at least they are the real thing. Whether you want to buy a horse, sell a horse or just like to dream, I hope you will enjoy looking at some very nice horses as well as exploring the hundreds of links to other websites and the Equine Directory for many horse-related local businesses and services.

Do you have a horse, pony or mule you want or need to sell?  I HAVE PEOPLE CALLING OR EMAILING ME ALMOST DAILY WHO ARE LOOKING FOR A WELL-BROKE, KIND AND HONEST HORSE TO BUY. I am a professional horse-advertising agent and will help you sell YOUR Oregon, Idaho, Washington and California horses. I do all the advertising FOR you; but YOU decide who and IF you want to sell your horse to anyone I send your way.

My charges are very reasonable at $35, a one-time listing fee which includes your horse's individual webpage on my site and other horse-for-sale sites, and an 8.5% commission on whatever price you accept when we sell your horse. My knowledge and experience with horses and in marketing has resulted in me helping to sell many hundreds of horses for people since 1999. My website is seen ALL OVER AMERICA and beyond so I have sold several horses to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, back east to Maine and even to FRANCE.  Please contact me so we can discuss how I may be of assistance to YOU and YOUR special horse at carol@centraloregonhorse.com or call me at 541-388-2268.


Listed 5/24/2015 - QUELOW LEO DOC - 2004 AQHA gelding

Listed  5/9/2015 - JAZMIN - 2006   1/2 AQHA & 1/2 Thoroughbred mare SOLD  

Listed  4/18/2015 - ME DAISY NINER - 2009 AQHA mare

Listed 3/24/2015 - ME SPLASH A COLOR - 2007 APHA mare VIDEOS







Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.



Central Oregon Horse is representing the owner/seller of the horses which are listed for sale in Oregon, Idaho, Washington or California and is in no way responsible nor liable for any misrepresentation or untruths regarding any such horse. 

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